Tucson Temple

The kids and I decided to brave the heat the other day and headed to Tucson for the LDS temple open house for our Camp Beat the Heat field trip.

It was a scorching day.

hot caroutside temple

But the views of the temple were worth the trip. The temple was beautiful! LDS temples are open to the public for a few weeks before they go into operation as a place of worship. If you ever get the chance to walk through one, take the opportunity. There is a beautiful feeling of peace within these magnificent buildings. The artwork, furnishings and finish work is amazing.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints uses these temples to perform marriages and instruct members. Members are encouraged to attend as often as possible to find guidance and peace.

After we toured the inside of the temple, I made the kids walk outside in 116 degree heat to see the grounds. They were not amused. I wish I would have had more time for pictures, but the kids were too hot and too anxious to get out of the sun.


Grace picked out this Superman t-shirt the other day; it’s a new favorite and had to come to the temple with us. Love that cute girl!


But of course our visit to Eegee’s made all the heat worth it.


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