I believe that traditions are an important part of parenting. Not only is it fun, but it creates routine and automation, which as a mom of 5 kids, is necessary for survival! We know that every year, we will spend the 4th of July in Utah, in Provo Canyon at Big Springs Park. We get there early and enjoy the amazing weather Utah offers in it gorgeous canyons. The scenery is amazing!

Provo Canyon Family Tradition

We play games all morning into the early afternoon. BJ and I teamed up against my sister Chris and her husband for corn hole.  Even though we are competitive, we won’t say who won (hahaha).

Corn Hole Games July

Lia enjoyed a little yoga by the river.

Yoga in the Canyon

Lunch is easy, so that clean-up and naps in the shade can happen sooner.

Nap Time in HammocksWe usually return to the valley by dinner time to eat at my sister’s house.  Her home sits on Utah lake in Saratoga Springs and we sit on her back porch and enjoy the view of Utah Valley. We can see fireworks from Thanksgiving Point to Provo. We can also see every neighborhood fireworks show in the valley. It really is an amazing sight.

Fireworks in the Utah Valley

All the cute nephews and nieces are a pretty great sight too!

And this year Ellie decided to entertain us with glow sticks.

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