The Longest First Day of School

Two weeks ago Ellie, Lia, and Grace started school. The summer was too short and went by much too quickly.

Lia and Grace first day of school

Sam was still at the National Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, so he missed the first week of school. He started back last Monday.

national boy scout jamboree sam

Levi’s school didn’t start until today.

My children go to three different schools in four different buildings. Two are charter schools and one is a district school. Some think I am crazy to coordinate so many schedules, but having children with unique learning needs has made this necessary. BJ and I worked hard to find the best educational fit for each of our children.

For some of our children, a smaller school with more personalized education is better. For others, a school that is known for emphasizing a classical education is best. Others need a school with lots of options for electives. And one child needs a self-contained classroom with specialized instruction.

Each day we juggle 2 carpools, 5 start times (zero hour and elementary start times are different), and 1 bus pick-up. Our first child starts the day at 6:30 and the last begins at 8:15.

Bus pickup

And now we are considering homeschooling one of our children because of how many sick days they had last year. The school is frustrated (and so are we) but having a chronic illness is not something you choose. It is something you manage.

So I have been missing in action the last two weeks trying to get everyone where they belong, on time, with all their supplies and happy. A feat from which Hercules would shrink.

But that is part of being a mom, especially of mom of children with special needs.  Each is so different. Each has needs that are unique.

Have any of you had experience with homeschooling? Especially homeschooling a child with chronic illness or ADHD? What resources or ideas did you find most helpful as you began homeschooling?

sam jamboree

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