4 and 1

When you have special needs children it can be easy to focus on those children and lose sight of everything else. A few years ago I lost that focus and it was necessary that Cheryl and I worked together to get in sync. As Cheryl has mentioned in Helping Special Needs Children During Church we had issues […]

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7 Steps for Finding a Diagnosis

diagnosis special needs

Since writing this post about getting Levi’s diagnosis, I have had a few friends call me about the step by step process. Not knowing what is wrong is a frightening place to be and knowing where to go to get answers can be overwhelming These 7 steps will help you in your process of getting a […]

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You’re Not My REAL Mom

When BJ and I were preparing to adopt, we were required to take classes that taught about adoption and parenting.  I remember being shocked to hear that one day, my darling child whom I hoped to adopt, might say to me: “I hate you.  You’re not my real Mom.” I was stunned.  How could a […]

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