Choosing Beautiful

beautiful door

I was so blessed to get away for the weekend and re-energize. My sister and I attended the Queen of the Kingdom while BJ took care of the children at home. I have a supportive spouse and am so grateful that we encourage each other in our need to continue learning and growing. While at […]

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Letting Sam Go

National Jamboree 2017

Sam forgets things. We returned from our Utah trip last Thursday. When we arrived home (after a 10 hour drive) he realized he had forgotten his suitcase. Well, I should say it was forgotten; he blames me. I just kept asking “whose suitcase was it?” Blame the ADHD. Medication helps, but he still forgets. Sam […]

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When I can’t Write

chronic illness of child

Writing for GraceFull Parenting has been an interesting experience so far. Some of the things we share are very personal and bring up painful memories. There is good too, and we love to share the funny and the happy. However, my greatest lessons were learned during moments of pain, and sorrow. Writing about these moments […]

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Expressions of Love

  I learned a long time ago that love was going to look a little different in my family. I have a son who was pretty well behaved for everyone else but at home he would have huge meltdowns. I didn’t understand this for so long and it hurt. I thought that he didn’t love […]

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5 Ways to Prepare for Travel with Special Needs Children

5 ways to prepare for travel special needs

I remember the moment clearly. We were 1 hour into a 5 hour flight. The skies outside were beautiful blue with soft white clouds. It was serene and calm. Totally unlike what was going on in our aisle. My 12 year old autistic son, who was prone to aggressive meltdowns, had just told me he […]

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4 and 1

When you have special needs children it can be easy to focus on those children and lose sight of everything else. A few years ago I lost that focus and it was necessary that Cheryl and I worked together to get in sync. As Cheryl has mentioned in Helping Special Needs Children During Church we had issues […]

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7 Steps for Finding a Diagnosis

diagnosis special needs

Since writing this post about getting Levi’s diagnosis, I have had a few friends call me about the step by step process. Not knowing what is wrong is a frightening place to be and knowing where to go to get answers can be overwhelming These 7 steps will help you in your process of getting a […]

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You’re Not My REAL Mom

When BJ and I were preparing to adopt, we were required to take classes that taught about adoption and parenting.  I remember being shocked to hear that one day, my darling child whom I hoped to adopt, might say to me: “I hate you.  You’re not my real Mom.” I was stunned.  How could a […]

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