Master Your Influence

Personal Development

Mastering your influence starts with mastering yourself. This class review talks about the tools learned over three days at Master Your Influence from 3 Key Elements.

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Trust But Verify

Sometimes you think you are doing something great, then it turns out you didn’t have all the information…

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HALT a meltdown special needs

Years ago a respite worker taught me a magical acronym. It has helped me understand many meltdowns and even my own feeling of irritation. It works for special needs children, typical children, and adults. H.A.L.T. First, halt means wait, stop, take a second before reacting. Which is essential in working with ANYONE. Second, each letter […]

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School Historian

school historian poster

My sweet Lia ran for school Historian this last week. She was so excited to get involved in school government. She made posters. She practiced her speech. She picked out the perfect outfit. And she lost. And she’s okay with it. She told me she was happy she ran, and definitely a bit sad she […]

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School’s In

special needs education

I have a love-hate relationship with school. On the one hand, the children get to learn and a routine is established. On the other hand, there is the constant chase. You know, the “time to get up,” “are you ready yet,” “what did you learn today,” “did you get your homework done,” and  “time for […]

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Choosing Beautiful

beautiful door

I was so blessed to get away for the weekend and re-energize. My sister and I attended the Queen of the Kingdom while BJ took care of the children at home. I have a supportive spouse and am so grateful that we encourage each other in our need to continue learning and growing. While at […]

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Letting Sam Go

National Jamboree 2017

Sam forgets things. We returned from our Utah trip last Thursday. When we arrived home (after a 10 hour drive) he realized he had forgotten his suitcase. Well, I should say it was forgotten; he blames me. I just kept asking “whose suitcase was it?” Blame the ADHD. Medication helps, but he still forgets. Sam […]

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When I can’t Write

chronic illness of child

Writing for GraceFull Parenting has been an interesting experience so far. Some of the things we share are very personal and bring up painful memories. There is good too, and we love to share the funny and the happy. However, my greatest lessons were learned during moments of pain, and sorrow. Writing about these moments […]

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Expressions of Love

  I learned a long time ago that love was going to look a little different in my family. I have a son who was pretty well behaved for everyone else but at home he would have huge meltdowns. I didn’t understand this for so long and it hurt. I thought that he didn’t love […]

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5 Ways to Prepare for Travel with Special Needs Children

5 ways to prepare for travel special needs

I remember the moment clearly. We were 1 hour into a 5 hour flight. The skies outside were beautiful blue with soft white clouds. It was serene and calm. Totally unlike what was going on in our aisle. My 12 year old autistic son, who was prone to aggressive meltdowns, had just told me he […]

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