Solar Eclipse

I believe in the adage “never let your schooling interfere with your education.”

So that being my philosophy, I happily kept my children home this morning to watch the solar eclipse! And it was amazing.

solar eclipse watching

solar eclipse watching 2

We played around with pin hole viewers.

solar eclipse pin hole

And discovered that our fingers would create the strange shadows from the solar eclipse.

solar eclipse shadows

But our favorite viewer was the kitchen colander.

solar eclipse colander shadows

Those shadows are pretty amazing!

solar eclipse lia

Lia had to take one more peek on her way back to school.

So when I dropped Levi off at school, the office was discussing the number of people who had missed school to watch the solar eclipse. One secretary asked another if this was an excused absence. Her reply was to scoff a negative: “NO!” I smiled and quoted my philosophy to them both. They were not amused.

Well, excused or not. My children will be absent from school to watch any future solar eclipse. They also will be absent to observe any other scientific, political, or history-making event that I deem important. Education from an institution is good, but an education lived by experience will never be forgotten.

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