Refugee Apartment Setup

Sam and I were able to set up an apartment for a refugee couple this week. It was record heat in Arizona and the day was hot. But we were all smiles for the work.

Lifting Hands International has a warehouse where they store supplies. When an apartment is set up, volunteers first pull all the supplies needed and load the truck. Because of donations, most apartments get tables, chairs, a couch, personal hygiene supplies, kitchen utensils, and even things like a microwave, rice cooker, and coffee maker.

supplies 3supplies 2supplies sam

Sam was admiring all the games and books.

backpacks refugees

This entire wall of backpacks was collected as an Eagle Scout project. Each backpack is filled with school supplies as well!

refugee supplies

These donations were picked up that day. A church youth group collected basic food supplies: rice, beans, oil, salt and other dry goods and put them in these buckets. They should last a family a week or two.

refugee crew]

This was Sarah’s group of volunteers that day at the warehouse.  Four more volunteers joined us at the apartment. The apartment was done in about an hour.

living room setupsam refugee apartment setup

Doesn’t it look cozy and comfortable?


I am so glad Sam and I were able to do this together.

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