Putting Mom to Bed

Grace reading

I love bedtime routines. Freshly bathed children, snuggles with books, prayers, and late night talks with teens. It would even be better if I weren’t dragging from the exhaustion of the day. My dream would be moving bedtime routines to 10:00 am which is usually my high energy time.  Bedtime routines would include more snuggles, more books, and less pleading from mom: “Please stay in bed; It’s time for sleep; No you can’t make a sandwich and eat it in bed.”

And teen talk. Wow, instead of me half asleep, trying to stay awake as the teenager is finally opening up (for the first time that week), at 10:00 am I would be alert, listening and perhaps even responding.

However, that is not to be and I will continue to do one of my favorite jobs while exhausted, sleepy and longing for bed myself.

So this last week as I was contemplating bedtimes routines and simultaneously experiencing my 5th migraine headache for the week, I knew I just didn’t have it in me. But I wanted to still have the snuggles and rewards of bedtime. So I announced to my not sleepy, not tired, not ready for bed children, that Mom had a migraine and needed to be tucked in, with stories.

You would have thought I had handed them tickets to Disneyland. Each of them jumped up (those that weren’t currently already up) and ran to get a book. I stumbled to my room and barely made it into my pajamas before the herd of children came bouncing into my room.

Ellie reading mom to sleep

Grace tucked me in with my favorite soft blanket and patted my head. Lia jumped up and claimed the prime spot next to me and Ellie directed traffic. Then each of them took a turn reading to me.

Lia reading

It was magical. I loved being part of the routine I enjoy each night, however, this time I was able to relax and sink into my own covers. Heaven was right there. After books, each girl kissed me, patted my aching head, then Ellie shooed them out of the room and turned off my light.

I think they all eventually made it to bed. At least that is where I found them the next morning when I awoke, headache free and smiling at the sweet memories of being tucked in by my daughters. Try it sometime; I think it may become an occasional treat for mom around here.grace reading Maisy

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  1. How sweet is that?! I love when our children take care of us. My daughter is seven and she does!
    Also, I hope you feel better. Five migraines in one week is no good!

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