Expressions of Love

  I learned a long time ago that love was going to look a little different in my family. I have a son who was pretty well behaved for everyone else but at home he would have huge meltdowns. I didn’t understand this for so long and it hurt. I thought that he didn’t love […]

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Using Journals For Better Parenting

Journaling to be a better parent

I’ve talked about My AM Routine and My PM Routine that I have used over the past year to help me with my thoughts and staying positive. I want to discuss one more tool I’ve used that has helped me stay positive as a parent and not let the craziness bring me down. I have two journals that […]

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5 Ways to Prepare for Travel with Special Needs Children

5 ways to prepare for travel special needs

I remember the moment clearly. We were 1 hour into a 5 hour flight. The skies outside were beautiful blue with soft white clouds. It was serene and calm. Totally unlike what was going on in our aisle. My 12 year old autistic son, who was prone to aggressive meltdowns, had just told me he […]

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Putting Mom to Bed

grace reading Maisy

I love bedtime routines. Freshly bathed children, snuggles with books, prayers, and late night talks with teens. It would even be better if I weren’t dragging from the exhaustion of the day. My dream would be moving bedtime routines to 10:00 am which is usually my high energy time.  Bedtime routines would include more snuggles, […]

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Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love

Grace taking care Sam

When I look at this photo I feel grateful for the love my children have for each other. Sam and Grace are both dealing with big health struggles. Perhaps that is what makes them both so compassionate when their siblings are ill. On this particular Sunday Sam was exhausted. He has CVID (more about that […]

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Dad is Fat

BJ and I love to laugh and we love to listen to clean comedians.  I recently heard about a new book by Jim Gaffigan: Dad Is Fat I love his comedy and I enjoy listening to funny stories about family life. Gaffigan has 5 kids and lives in New York City, which makes for some […]

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Seeking Grace

Grace EEG testing

When our daughter Grace was a baby, she was diagnosed failure to thrive. Being born prematurely at 33 weeks and exposed to alcohol during pregnancy, had left her body struggling to gain weight. We were not sure of the extent of physical deformities, so she was subjected to many tests.   One test was a […]

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4 and 1

When you have special needs children it can be easy to focus on those children and lose sight of everything else. A few years ago I lost that focus and it was necessary that Cheryl and I worked together to get in sync. As Cheryl has mentioned in Helping Special Needs Children During Church we had issues […]

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7 Steps for Finding a Diagnosis

diagnosis special needs

Since writing this post about getting Levi’s diagnosis, I have had a few friends call me about the step by step process. Not knowing what is wrong is a frightening place to be and knowing where to go to get answers can be overwhelming These 7 steps will help you in your process of getting a […]

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Open Adoption Rocks


This past week our family was blessed to spend time with Flint, the birth father of Sam. BJ and I are often asked what it is like to have involvement with the birth families of our children. And I have to say it is amazing! I feel so blessed to know and love these parents […]

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