New Year’s Resolutions

Joining the New Year’s Resolutions (You Actually Want to Keep) tour today is Kristie from Our Kerrazy Adventure and Camille from Fridays We’re in Love.

Kristie has some fabulous ideas about working on a family journal. I kept a family journal for exactly ONE summer. Yep, it was great and I love looking back at it. But I think I could use some improvement. Head over to Kristie’s site to get inspired.

Date night at my house is serious business. Because we have a large family and special needs are involved we need time to reconnect and work on our relationship as a couple. Camille is an expert at date night and she has some amazing ideas to share. I told her I was tired of dinner and a movie and she told me she could inspire! I’m so excited to try some of her ideas this next year.

New Year's Resolutions

You can visit yesterday’s posts as well.

First, Laura from Pink Cake Plate has a great printable to help inspire our New Year’s goals.

Then visit Elise from Gleefully Me has some great tips for setting and KEEPING those New Year’s Resolutions.



And you can read my post here. Thanks for joining us.


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