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Last weekend I attended Master Your Influence, a class put on by 3 Key Elements. As you know I work on personal development. This class incorporates some of the things I talk about in Little Voice Management and My PM Routine. It’s a three day class on how to get great results when working with other people.

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BJ Attending Master Your Influence

The Premise

The basics of mastering your influence are shown in the diagram below:

MYI Diagram influence

Looking at the diagram you can see that what you think affects your behavior. Your behavior comes in two pieces: Attitude and How You Act. Behavior then affects your influence on others via experiences. Experiences are directly related to the results you get. So, managing the way you think can lead you to have great experiences which lead to great results.

This means that Little Voice Management is key to having great results. The class talks about filters in our mind and how to overcome the blocks that stop positive thoughts.

Two Tools

There are two tools discussed to help with our thoughts: a Vision Board and Declarations.

Your Vision Board will help you define the tangible items and accomplishments you want to bring into your life.

Declarations can be a word, a sentence or a set of sentences.

What you say carries incredible power. There are constantly thoughts going through your mind, often in the form of single words that repeat again and again.

Our minds are designed for absorbing information. While a one word declaration can bring you confidence, getting more detail can be a helpful step. Try a one sentence declaration.

Having a one word mantra or a sentence you can rely on during the day is a powerful way to boost you to face your daily challenges. You can also use a series of empowering statements.

Class Activities

There are two activities in the class that demonstrate how to use these tools. The first is a “Vision Board” experience. Each person writes down something he wants during the class. I wrote “Appointment for professional headshots for my wife and me to use on our blog. (In AZ)”. Then this paper along with your name is posted on the class vision board. Throughout the class, students check the board to determine if they can fulfill someone else’s need. It is amazing to see the generosity as these requests are fulfilled.

The second activity creates declarations. Each person begins by writing 40 words that describe themselves. Then they are to choose the seven most meaningful words. My words were:

  • Spiritual
  • Courageous
  • Worthy
  • Teachable
  • Healthy
  • Leader
  • Motivated

Now combine the words into a one sentence declaration:

I am a teachable, healthy, worthy, courageous, spiritual and motivated leader.

The instructor had us draw an image of ourselves next. Once we had the image we placed the seven words around the image.

The words are to act as a shield against negativity. The image should be placed somewhere to be seen regularly.


Involving Family

I liked this exercise so much that I had my children do this as well.

When we did the activity the children were a little skeptical. However, when we finished, Levi looked at me and said, “Thanks, Dad, this is cool.” He then got the tape and hung his picture up. I think he’s caught the vision of thinking positive.

A Shout-out

Before I close, I want to give a shout-out to the owner, founder, and trainer of 3 Key Elements. His name is Kirk Duncan and he’s doing a lot of good by teaching these concepts to people. I know how much they’ve helped me and my family.

Kirk Duncan teaching at Master Your Influence

Overall, Master Your Influence is great for helping people think positively. Positive thinking leads to changes in attitude and action. Attitude and action influence others through experiences. Positive experiences lead to great results. Mastering Your Influence starts with mastering yourself.

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