Make Birthdays Special: My New Year’s Goal

When I was younger, birthday’s were like a second Christmas. Great things came with getter older. Sometimes it meant I was finally old enough to stay up 30 minutes later. Or I could see a movie I couldn’t see before. Perhaps age came with an inch or two and I could ride the roller coaster at the local amusement park.

Birthdays also meant cake and ice cream, presents to unwrap, and colored envelopes in the mail with money inside. I loved the attention and excitement of birthdays. Birthdays were full of wonder and potential.

Even as an adult, birthdays still come with some excitement (although I would rather the numbers just stay the same now). I’m always impressed when a friend remembers my birthday (especially before the days of Facebook reminding us).

But confession time: I have never been great at remembering birthdays. My cards are often late. My presents bought at the last minute and rushed. Or texts to friends may just get forgotten in the chaos of a busy day.

My Goal to Make Birthday Special

In my effort to be more connected this year, I want to make birthdays special for my family and friends. And a major part of that includes remembering birthdays on time!

When I married into BJ’s family, I got birthday cards from his grandfather every year. And always early or on time. I was impressed by his thoughtfulness. One year we were visiting him at the beginning of a new month, and I watched him pull out his calendar, a stack of prebought cards and write notes to everyone who had a birthday in the month. The secret to his thoughtfulness was a birthday calendar and pre-bought cards.

So I am currently organizing a birthday calendar with all my families birthdays on it. I have purchased a stack of cards so I will be ready to send a card off in time. And to make it easier, I bought them from Amazon. So now I don’t even have to go to the store. I bought this set of cards, but I also liked this set and this set.

My goal with my birthday calendar is to also think about presents and make them unique to the person. My sister and I have our birthday right after Christmas. As children, our birthday gifts were often in Christmas wrap and under the tree. So sometimes the two holidays seemed a little confused with each other.

So this year I really tried to make my sister’s birthday something I thought about. I was a day late (ehem, still a work in progress) but I really tried to think of something she would like. We both like to read so I bought her a collection of gifts all having to do with books.

Make birthdays special

Book Darts are adorable and easy to use. If I’m reading in bed and don’t want to take notes, they help mark good quotes and passages. She also received a book light that I received in my stocking. I love that it is so little yet it lights up the page perfectly.

I also sent bookplates that she can put in her books. Have you ever borrowed a book and not remembered who you borrowed it from? Or lent one out, never to see it return? Yep, me too.

So Happy New Year. I think this resolution to make birthdays special will be something I can keep. I’m all organized and ready to go, and that is half the battle.

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2 thoughts on “Make Birthdays Special: My New Year’s Goal

  1. Birthdays are a big deal to me. I love doing little things to make them special. And I have a calendar where I keep my birthday list. It’s a lifesaver! Also every January I make a bunch of cards to use throughout the year. I’ll have to invite you when I plan that!

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