Lia Turned 10

My baby is 10. I can’t believe it was 10 years ago that my cuddly, sweet, yummy smelling baby was born and placed in my arms. I want to turn back the clock and snuggle her close as a baby, make her giggle as a toddler, and hold her hand on her first day of school.


Lia with her beautiful birth mom, Leilani. You can see where she gets her beauty and her smile.


That smile and those cheeks!  Yummy.


Lia is always fun, always up for a song, a joke or a dance party. I love hanging out with her.


We went to Kneaders last week and celebrated with chocolate. Because . . . well, chocolate and birthdays go together!

Lia la jolla

And more chocolate out with the family!


lia birthday
Lia trying not to laugh first during the laughing game.


10 things I love about Lia:

  1. She loves people and is always making new friends.
  2. Lia loves music and has started writing lyrics and music (some are pretty amazing).
  3. Lia is smart! She is top of her class and is always doing her best in school.
  4. Not only is she smart, but she works hard too. That is such a great combination of talents.
  5. She loves gymnastics and is getting better every year.
  6. She knows how to clean and organize!
  7. She loves her family. She likes to hang out with her siblings and play games or go swimming. We are glad our sunshine is around to make things fun.
  8. She has a testimony of Christ and loves Him. I am proud of her for choosing goodness each day.
  9. She still likes to snuggle with me. The others are getting older and don’t want to hold my hand or snuggle as much. I’m so glad Lia still wants to snuggle!
  10. She makes things fun. Lia is a smiling, happy, positive light in this world and I am so grateful to call her my daughter.

lia fun


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