Letting Sam Go

Sam forgets things. We returned from our Utah trip last Thursday. When we arrived home (after a 10 hour drive) he realized he had forgotten his suitcase. Well, I should say it was forgotten; he blames me. I just kept asking “whose suitcase was it?”

Blame the ADHD. Medication helps, but he still forgets.

Sam also sleeps a lot. A lot! Having a chronic illness takes a toll on his body and he can sleep for 22 hours after a busy day.

And the crazy part? I just sent him away for 20 days to the National Boy Scout Jamboree. Each day is packed with adventure from sunup to way past sundown. They will tour D.C., float down a river, ride a zip-line, and explore Gettysburg. It is the adventure of a lifetime.

National Jamboree 2017 luggage

I think I’m crazy.

But I am showing him I trust him to do hard things.

National Jamboree 2017

Sam won’t have me reminding him to grab his backpack. I can’t tell him to take his meds and wash his clothes. I won’t be able to let him sleep in when he’s tired because the bus will leave whether he is ready or not. To be honest, I think we are both excited about the time away. He needs to prove himself and I need to let go.

So Monday night I let go.

Sam and me2

I look forward to his return but I won’t wish the time away. We both need this time to learn what he can do.

I can’t wait to hear the successes. I know they won’t come without some failure mixed in. So he might lose his camera. He may sleep in and have 39 boys mad at him. He may forget where his tent is located. But each of these events are also a possible success. Because we learn when we fail and we succeed when we keep trying.

National Jamboree 2017

Have fun Sam. I know you got this.


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4 thoughts on “Letting Sam Go

  1. I nominate you for supermom/woman of the year. You and those five kids are so lucky to have each other. Sam will grow so much from this week. Please post on love that max again. Would love to get to know you.

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