Janine and the Field Day Finish

Janine and the Field Day Finish

After reviewing Janine and the Field Day Finish was out.

We were so excited!

Janine is spunky and colorful; brave and kind. In our opinion, amazing!

In Janine and the Field Day Finish, Janine is teased and bullied again.

“Janine is good at lots of things like singing, remembering, spelling, and cheering. The one thing Janine isn’t good at is sports. She can’t see well, and her body doesn’t work as well as other kids’.”

In fact, Janine has never even made it around the track. But when her bully, Abby, gets hurt during the race, Janine shows true friendship and kindness. Janine helps Abby realize that even though they didn’t win the race, sometimes just finishing is pretty amazing.

Janine ShoebRibbons

Maryann Cocca-Leffler has a fun website where kids can show off their own versions of Janine’s shoe ribbons and teachers and parents can find more resources to discuss bullying and special needs.

Hopefully we will be seeing more of Janine!

Abby and Janine

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