How God Answers Prayers

God answers prayersI know God answers prayers. When my children were younger, and the work or raising them was more physically exhausting, I remember often praying and asking God for help:

  • Please help me have strength.
  • Help me to have patience.
  • Give me strength to survive this day.
  • Remind me to be kind.

I needed a lot of help. The work of raising 5 children was exhausting. BJ was often out of town on business and I was often alone for 2-4 days a couple times a month. We had no family in town and some days I counted the hours until bedtime.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I love being a mom. This has always been what I wanted, but that doesn’t stop the work of being a mom from being exhausting and difficult.

I also had three children with special needs. We had therapies, doctor’s appointments, and daily meltdowns (from sensory, communication, and autism issues). We had a recipe for some crazy difficult days.

During this time in my life, I remember teaching a church class about faith and how God helps me. I talked about how God answers prayers for help.

When I ask for help, God doesn’t hold my crying child, fix dinner, wipe peanut butter off walls or do the dishes for me. But He does send me the strength to do those things. And He does send me angels to help with those tasks.

How God Answers Prayers

For me, my angels were neighbors, friends, and even strangers. For example, a kind word in the grocery store: “You got this Mom! You’re doing a great job.” Or a neighbor who randomly dropped off lunch to me for a week. Another friend who would help me calm a child who was having a meltdown. And a friend, who set up a babysitting coop so I didn’t have to drag all my children to every therapy appointment. This group included neighbors who would meet me in the park so we could chat and the children could play.

God surrounded me with angels. He put people in my path that could be my arms, my legs, my sanity when I needed it most.

Spencer W. Kimball taught: “God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs.”

I have a good friend who says that church is for us when we are new to Christ or have just had a baby. The rest of the time, we are at church to serve others. Her point is that we shouldn’t look at how the church is serving us, we should look around to find whom Christ would have us serve.

We are all “of the body of Christ” (1 Corinthians 12: 12-27). And if that is true, then we must be His hands, His feet, His eyes here on earth. We must be the instruments through which God can work miracles.

I know that many have worked miracles on my behalf, answering my prayers of need and support. I pray that God will use me in that work as well. God answers prayers, how blessed we are to be the answer to someone’s prayer.

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