Hair Day

When we adopted Grace I was told by many people how important it was to understand black hair care. Having neat and cared for hair is essential. I could not expect to ignore hair care and do a good job raising an African American daughter.

So I joined some hair care groups. I followed hair blogs. I ordered all the right products. I learned. But the sweetest ladies would still stop me in stores and oh so kindly ask if I needed help. I thought I was doing okay, but I really just hadn’t fully grasped hair care.

black hair care puffs
Classic two puffs. She is so sweet but my hair styling abilities needed work.
black hair care puffs and box braids
Puffs and box braids. A bit messy, but I was learning.

black hair care bantu knots

black hair care bantu knots
Bantu Knots-isn’t she adorable!

So I continued to learn and eventually learned to do double stranded twists, a cute star pattern with puffs and Bantu knots. Box braids are still a bit beyond me and neat cornrows with fun patterns I haven’t even attempted. (Yes, I’m chicken.)

black hair care double stranded twists
Double Stranded Twists. My hair care is getting neater.
black hair care double stranded twists released
Double stranded twists look like this when carefully unwound. We had to wind them back up to sleep in, but it is one of my favorite looks for her.
black hair care double stranded twists unwound
A closer look at about double stranded twists that was unwound.

But a few years ago I also found a solution for my ignorance. Image is Everything Salon and Lynette. She is amazing. Fun corn row with clickety-clackety beads. Beautiful straightened updos and our latest, extensions!

corn rows with beads
Corn rows with beads.
cornrow with extensions
Look at this amazing cornrow work!
cornrows with extensions
African Princess Grace! She is so beautiful and she loves having her hair done.

Now, this does NOT let me off the hook. I am still learning and working with Grace’s hair. But she now has a neat, polished look most of the time because of Lynette. And she is so proud to show off her new looks each month.

image is everything salon lynette
Lynette, the master, hard at work.

This look took 3 and 1/2 hours today but is worth it. Grace will sport this style for at least 6 weeks, maybe longer if we keep it neat and clean.

cornrows with extensions
Lia’s hair is still longer, but Grace loves this length!


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