The Flu Strikes Back

It’s been a little crazy around the Blinston household the past few weeks. And right now, it’s crazy also, crazy sick that is. We all contracted the flu to one degree or another. It knocked one of us down, then another, then two more, then two more. Only Grace seems to have been spared the agony. It even made me curl up in the fetal position to try and stay warm.

You go from this…


…to this


It’s funny how things change when everyone gets sick. As this sickness affected each of us at different times, we’ve all been able to be caretakers. Cheryl took care of me when it hit me very hard. Now, I’m taking care of them. This means I’m doing my best to keep the house clean, get the healthy kids to school, make sure the sick ones get their medicine on time, prepare meals, laundry, and the list goes on. I love being able to serve my family.

So forgive us while we recover. We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.

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