Choosing Beautiful

I was so blessed to get away for the weekend and re-energize. My sister and I attended the Queen of the Kingdom while BJ took care of the children at home. I have a supportive spouse and am so grateful that we encourage each other in our need to continue learning and growing.

While at the conference this video was shown. It is by Dove. I love their campaign. Dove set up an experiment and marked two doors, one beautiful and one average. It was so sad to see women choose the average door.

beautiful door

It got me thinking about the message I give my daughters. I believe we are all beautiful. But as women we are so wrapped up in comparison. We compare our weaknesses against someone else’s strengths. My self-talk about my body is often negative and filled with comparison.

My daughters are unique and beautiful. One daughter is African-American, another is Polynesian, and the third is part Bolivian. Each is one of a kind and different from her sisters. But all are beautiful.

beautiful door

I plan on changing how I talk about my body. I placed positive declarations on my mirror. I hope as they see these and as they hear me say them, that they will likewise think positively about themselves.

I hope they will always choose the beautiful door.

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