Turning Points

I have been thinking recently about events in my past that were turning points; experiences where I set a new direction for my life. How did I come to those decisions? How can I help my children make good decisions? Teaching children correct principles and morals I decided early on as a father that I […]

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School Historian

school historian poster

My sweet Lia ran for school Historian this last week. She was so excited to get involved in school government. She made posters. She practiced her speech. She picked out the perfect outfit. And she lost. And she’s okay with it. She told me she was happy she ran, and definitely a bit sad she […]

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Victory Wall

One of my favorite books is Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. He writes beautifully about the choices we make about our attitude: When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.  Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose […]

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Choosing Beautiful

beautiful door

I was so blessed to get away for the weekend and re-energize. My sister and I attended the Queen of the Kingdom while BJ took care of the children at home. I have a supportive spouse and am so grateful that we encourage each other in our need to continue learning and growing. While at […]

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Fear Gracefull-Parenting Autism Special-Needs

A few years ago I went through a season of fear. Fear can be overwhelming; it can take control of your life. It can occupy your every thought. My fear was for Levi who was not doing well. He wasn’t progressing. He made choices that isolated himself. He manipulated Cheryl and I. In fact, he […]

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Getting My Ears Lowered

parenting selfcare

“Where are you going Dad?” asks Grace. “To get my ears lowered” I answer. Of course this gets a confused look from Grace every time. It’s my way to say that I’m going to get my hair cut. Why is this important to me? Well… let’s take a look at a typical day for me: […]

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Using Journals For Better Parenting

Journaling to be a better parent

I’ve talked about My AM Routine and My PM Routine that I have used over the past year to help me with my thoughts and staying positive. I want to discuss one more tool I’ve used that has helped me stay positive as a parent and not let the craziness bring me down. I have two journals that […]

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4 and 1

When you have special needs children it can be easy to focus on those children and lose sight of everything else. A few years ago I lost that focus and it was necessary that Cheryl and I worked together to get in sync. As Cheryl has mentioned in Helping Special Needs Children During Church we had issues […]

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Teaching Respect

My grandfather, Samuel Gilmore, was an amazing man. I can’t count the number of lessons I learned from. His family was central in his life. He even retired early so that he could spend more time with his wife who had serious health issues. Grandpa Sam was always supportive and giving and he is my […]

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