How to Hold Family Councils

When BJ and I got married, we were both attending masters programs, we both had jobs (I had three) and we were involved in our church. Life was busy! We began a practice of having time to coordinate calendars and plan our time. We didn’t have family council every week but the weeks we met […]

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Get Out of Bed and Do Good

get out of bed and do good

My daughter Ellie and I attended an event yesterday called: “When Life Gets Hard.”  John Bytheway, a popular Christian youth speaker, spoke about how he wrote his first book, What I Wish I’d Known in High School. He kept telling himself he was too busy, life was too crazy. But when he analyzed his life, […]

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Taking the Time to Look Up

When Sam was 5 years old, I coached him in soccer. It was a time where the kids could be as creative as possible while limited coaching occurs (basically tell them to go in the right direction and get the ball). Sam was an interesting player. In 3 games he had two goals, but this […]

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The Pressure and Joy of Being a Dad

Fatherhood Father Dad

I love being a dad. It is one of the best and hardest things I’ve ever done. Being a father brings responsibilities. It also means that there is pressure on me to do my best. Being my best means there are things that must be done: Providing for the family Setting an example of how to work hard Teaching […]

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Six Books to Read on World Sight Day

Approximately 285 million people around the globe live with low sight or blindness. October 12 is World Sight Day, a program organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) to highlight treatment and prevention issues surrounding visual impairment.  To find out more about their program visit their site here. Many children are affected by blindness, low sight […]

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Prayer in Parenting

Have you ever been in a snowstorm? I mean a white-out, a total blizzard.  The wind pushes snow at you from every direction. Everything is the same color, but you can’t even see it because the snow keeps flying in your face. You’re not sure which way is home to safety or which way will […]

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Dinner is on Us

I take Grace to speech therapy each Saturday morning. We’ve been doing this for years and it is part of our routine. Over the years we have added many items to our routines: daily medication weekly occupation therapy, physical therapy, and speech monthly visits to specialists monthly therapy appointments visits from respite and habilitation workers and […]

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Parenting is a Labor of Love

Gracefull Parenting Faith in Christ

1 Thessalonians 1:3 This scripture reminds me of my work as a mother. It is a labor of love and I need patience. But what I love best is that I know that my efforts will be magnified through the grace of Jesus Christ.   Linking to Scripture and a Snapshot at A Glimpse of Our Life.  

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The Power of Example

Parenting Special Needs Example

Saturdays usually mean house cleaning and yard work. Recently, our Saturdays also include club soccer for Ellie and Levi. This has created a bit of chaos because they usually play at different venues at the same time. So Saturdays usually have a rushed feeling as we try to get everything accomplished. The last Saturday of […]

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