Justice League Kids

I saw something today that made me smile and cry those tears that moms cry when they feel great joy. I was reading one of my favorite blogs: Love That Max by Ellen Seidman. Ellen writes about a dad who created a very special photo shoot for some amazing kids.

Last year for Halloween Joss Rossi created a photo shoot with his 3-year-old daughter dressed as Wonder Woman. He wanted to remind her of her strength and power and not just showcase her looks. The pictures went viral and parents of children with special needs began asking if he could create similar photographs for their children.

So Joss chose six children, all of whom have a serious illness or special need, and did a photo shoot with them. The result is amazing! See Joss’s work and this amazing Justice League.

View the video of the photoshoot here.

Joss mentions at the end of the video that it is our weaknesses that make us strong. I have seen my children struggle with their “weaknesses” and I do believe that they can become our strengths. I believe we all have been given weaknesses, that we can become stronger.


I have watched one of my children with extreme anger problems conquer his temper. He is gentle and kind because he worked hard and made this his strength. We watched another daughter struggle to walk because she has cerebral palsy, but her spirit and determination are strong. She is now running. She can ride a bike and a skateboard. Her persistence is amazing to watch.

Likewise, Gracefull-Parenting isn’t about parenting with beauty; it is parenting with all its weaknesses, mistakes, and frustrations. It is when BJ and I have turned to God for help, strength and His Grace, that we have been made strong.




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I am the mom of five beautiful adopted children, three of whom have special needs. I love to write about the lessons I've learned while raising my children in order to help others. Join us for some fun, a few tears and lots of laughs.

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