Hair Day

black hair care bantu knots

When we adopted Grace I was told by many people how important it was to understand black hair care. Having neat and cared for hair is essential. I could not expect to ignore hair care and do a good job raising an African American daughter. So I joined some hair care groups. I followed hair […]

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Trust But Verify

Sometimes you think you are doing something great, then it turns out you didn’t have all the information…

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Growing Up

Jamboree 2017

Sam has been home from the Jamboree for a month now. Newly arrived, he had stories and adventures to tell, badge trading results and souvenirs to show. He loved it, he tried new things, it was amazing. As I listened to his adventures of scuba diving, zip-lining and the best meal ever eaten (thank you to […]

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Solar Eclipse

I believe in the adage “never let your schooling interfere with your education.” So that being my philosophy, I happily kept my children home this morning to watch the solar eclipse! And it was amazing. We played around with pin hole viewers. And discovered that our fingers would create the strange shadows from the solar eclipse. […]

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homeschool special needs children

Right now I’m feeling an emotion somewhere between facing eternal summer and year round school. We have decided to homeschool Sam. So every morning I will have a child at home = eternal summer. And every morning I am now a teacher for a class of one = year round school. I’m excited, nervous, scared, […]

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HALT a meltdown special needs

Years ago a respite worker taught me a magical acronym. It has helped me understand many meltdowns and even my own feeling of irritation. It works for special needs children, typical children, and adults. H.A.L.T. First, halt means wait, stop, take a second before reacting. Which is essential in working with ANYONE. Second, each letter […]

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School Historian

school historian poster

My sweet Lia ran for school Historian this last week. She was so excited to get involved in school government. She made posters. She practiced her speech. She picked out the perfect outfit. And she lost. And she’s okay with it. She told me she was happy she ran, and definitely a bit sad she […]

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Medication Refills

Medication Refills for Vacation

Remember my advice for summer traveling with special needs children? Well, number one was really important. And I started working on it long before I left home. But not early enough apparently. Medications while on vacation are essential. I used to think swim suits, church clothes, or shoes were essential. Nope. My motto is, if […]

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4 Ways to Prepare Special Needs Children for Middle School

Levi doesn’t like school. Not surprising for a 12-year-old boy, but Levi has autism. So when I say he doesn’t like school, I really mean that Levi doesn’t like crowds, new situations, sitting still, loud noises, and new people. Throw in some weird smells and you have a pretty accurate description of elementary school. In […]

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