The Unexpected Mushroom

I was walking our dog, Seamus, this morning and saw this growing in the grass: I started thinking about how that mushroom came to grow there. I’m pretty sure the company that maintains the grass had no plans for a mushroom. In fact, if the conditions hadn’t been just right that mushroom wouldn’t have grown […]

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Choosing Beautiful

beautiful door

I was so blessed to get away for the weekend and re-energize. My sister and I attended the Queen of the Kingdom while BJ took care of the children at home. I have a supportive spouse and am so grateful that we encourage each other in our need to continue learning and growing. While at […]

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Fear Gracefull-Parenting Autism Special-Needs

A few years ago I went through a season of fear. Fear can be overwhelming; it can take control of your life. It can occupy your every thought. My fear was for Levi who was not doing well. He wasn’t progressing. He made choices that isolated himself. He manipulated Cheryl and I. In fact, he […]

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Queen of the Kingdom

Queen of the kingdom

Four years ago my sister announced that she had tickets to something called Queen of the Kingdom taught by Kim Duncan. It was a conference for women being held the last two days of our Utah vacation, which meant I could go. I was thrilled; hear the sarcasm? But she had already bought the tickets so […]

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Letting Sam Go

National Jamboree 2017

Sam forgets things. We returned from our Utah trip last Thursday. When we arrived home (after a 10 hour drive) he realized he had forgotten his suitcase. Well, I should say it was forgotten; he blames me. I just kept asking “whose suitcase was it?” Blame the ADHD. Medication helps, but he still forgets. Sam […]

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Provo Canyon Family Tradition

I believe that traditions are an important part of parenting. Not only is it fun, but it creates routine and automation, which as a mom of 5 kids, is necessary for survival! We know that every year, we will spend the 4th of July in Utah, in Provo Canyon at Big Springs Park. We get […]

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Love Letters on my Car

Every time I pull up to our local car wash, the salesmen will ask if they can buff out all the scratches on the side of my car. “We can get that out for you,” they say. Numerous bikes, scooters, and other toys have scratched the sides of my car. As they look a little […]

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