School let out and we got out of town. My husband and 2 of his friends are in charge of a scouting adventure later this summer. So of course we needed to check out the sites and activities they want to do. Escaping the 100 degree heat wasn’t bad either.



When they checked out the mountain biking we hung out in camp and enjoyed the littles and antics of the bigs! Levi loved trying to chop firewood for us.


We enjoyed all sorts of nature including a frog which escaped and hopped right over to my friend who hates frogs. Sorry Wendy!


They checked out a great area for repelling, which I couldn’t watch for very long. Heights freak me out a bit.


So we practiced a little mindfulness as the boys scrambled around on rocks and repelled. I love to see Grace sitting this still. I think my friend Laura needs to come over daily to practice some mindful meditations.


It was a great weekend with wonderful friends, great food and beautiful vistas!

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I am the mom of five beautiful adopted children, three of which have special needs. I love to write about the lessons I've learned while raising my children in order to help others. Join us for some fun, a few tears and lots of laughs.

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