Gratitude Brings Joy

The other morning I was in a bad mood. The kids were running late, the house was a mess, and I just wanted to crawl back under the covers and sleep. Lia and I were on our way to school and were supposed to be discussing what our day would look like. I wrote about […]

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F is for Fail

You know those days when you feel like you have it all under control? The other day, I managed a routine hospital visit with one of my children. I listened to another speak at her school assembly and I gave my homeschooler a test. Laundry was underway, party favors were bought for the upcoming birthday. I was […]

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Lia Turned 10

My baby is 10. I can’t believe it was 10 years ago that my cuddly, sweet, yummy smelling baby was born and placed in my arms. I want to turn back the clock and snuggle her close as a baby, make her giggle as a toddler, and hold her hand on her first day of […]

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Justice League Kids

I saw something today that made me smile and cry those tears that moms cry when they feel great joy. I was reading one of my favorite blogs: Love That Max by Ellen Seidman. Ellen writes about a dad who created a very special photo shoot for some amazing kids. Last year for Halloween Joss […]

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Master Your Influence

Personal Development

Mastering your influence starts with mastering yourself. This class review talks about the tools learned over three days at Master Your Influence from 3 Key Elements.

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Refugee Apartment Setup

Sam and I were able to set up an apartment for a refugee couple this week. It was record heat in Arizona and the day was hot. But we were all smiles for the work. Lifting Hands International has a warehouse where they store supplies. When an apartment is set up, volunteers first pull all […]

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Hair Day

black hair care bantu knots

When we adopted Grace I was told by many people how important it was to understand black hair care. Having neat and cared for hair is essential. I could not expect to ignore hair care and do a good job raising an African American daughter. So I joined some hair care groups. I followed hair […]

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Trust But Verify

Sometimes you think you are doing something great, then it turns out you didn’t have all the information…

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Growing Up

Jamboree 2017

Sam has been home from the Jamboree for a month now. Newly arrived, he had stories and adventures to tell, badge trading results and souvenirs to show. He loved it, he tried new things, it was amazing. As I listened to his adventures of scuba diving, zip-lining and the best meal ever eaten (thank you to […]

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